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[New book] New Insights in the History of Interpreting
2016-03-12 14:40:55
I hope this would be of interest to many practitioners, scholars, and students of interpreting, translation, and history. Please see below for more detail.

Table of Contents

Jes?s Baigorri-Jal?n and Kayoko Takeda
vii ? xvi
Defining Sillan interpreters in first-millennium East Asian exchanges
Rachel Lung
1 ? 26
Interpreting practices in the Age of Discovery: The early stages of the Spanish empire in the Americas
Ic?ar Alonso-Aragu?s
27 ? 46
Interpreting for the Inquisition
Marcos Sarmiento-P?rez
47 ? 74
Nagasaki Ts?ji in historical novels by Yoshimura Akira: An alternative way of studying the history of interpreters
Torikai Kumiko
75 ? 98
The U.S. Department of State’s Corps of Student Interpreters: A precursor to the diplomatic interpreting of today?
David B. Sawyer
99 ? 134
At the dawn of simultaneous interpreting in the USSR: Filling some gaps in history
Sergei Chernov
135 ? 166
The use of photographs as historical sources, a case study: Early simultaneous interpreting at the United Nations.
Jes?s Baigorri-Jal?n
167 ? 192
“Crime” of interpreting: Taiwanese interpreters as war criminals of World War II
Shi-chi Mike Lan
193 ? 224
Guilt, survival, opportunities, and stigma: Japanese interpreters in the postwar occupation period (1945-1952)
Kayoko Takeda
225 ? 246
Risk analysis as a heuristic tool in the historiography of interpreters: For an understanding of worst practices
Anthony Pym


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