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[신간안내] Business and Institutional Translation
2018-05-31 09:44:37


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Jinsil Choi

Introducing a Korean-English Parallel Corpus for the Standardisation of South Korean Government Documents: A Terminology Focus (p. 33 -) 



Business and Institutional Translation

New Insights and Reflections

Editor(s):Eric Poirier, Daniel Gallego-Hernandez

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Book Description

The volume of economic, business, financial and institutional translation increases daily. Governments strive to produce plain and accessible information. Institutions and agencies operate in more than one language. Multinationals produce documents in multiple languages to expand their services worldwide, and large businesses and SMEs also have to adopt a multilingual approach for accessing new markets in new countries. Translation and interpreting training institutions are aware of the increasing need for training in this area. This awareness is evident in their curricula, which include subjects related to these areas of activity. Trainers and researchers are increasingly interested in knowing and researching the intricacies and aspects of this type of translation. This peer-reviewed publication, resulting from ICEBFIT 2016, echoes the voices of translation practitioners, researchers, and teachers, as well as other parties gathered to discuss new issues in institutional translation and business, finance and accounting translation, as well as, in a larger sense, specialized translation.



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